Micro-grids and Portable Power

Peoples Portable Power® is partnering up with companies installing mini-grids and central solar installations in rural villages by leasing out our small recyclable powerful batteries enabling families to carry electricity home. Peoples Portable Power makes electric power accessible and affordable to people living in rural areas.

Our climate-friendly SOLUTION is an innovative PORTABLE BATTERY-PACK with an integrated Internet of Things/GPS module. It consists of a state-of-the-art 300Wh Li-ion battery, including 3 LED lamps, radio and 4 USB entrances for charging mobile phones and 12/24V plugs for appliances connection (e.g., lamps) from any brand. The battery can be charged from any PV solar panel (e.g., community-owned, solar kiosks, micro-grids), enabling the end-user to “carry power home” and charge equipment for approx. 1 week (average rural family needs).

After 5 years, the battery is recollected, recycled to re-use.

The payment is made through a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) channel, through flexible sales models (energy-as-a-service, lease-to-own or full-ownership). The system assesses the payment status through communication with local mobile payment solutions and if valid unlock the battery. In absence of payment, the battery shuts down and if necessary, gets re-collected by the sales agent. This functionality is enabled by our proprietary electronics and cloud-based management software, which allows energy usage data collection, secure and remote control, and software updates. The software-platform provides data exchange with customers, local suppliers, sales-agents and payment platforms.

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