No Power – no development!

According to the “World Bank’s Sustainable Energy for All” database, 67% of East-African countries have no or poor access to electricity. Next, to these houses, there can be community owned PV installations or micro-grids with surplus energy.

STANDARD SOLUTIONS are small solar lamps, kerosene lamps, candles, charcoal, lead-acid batteries and/or diesel. KEROSENE is costly, harsh to the environment (2.4kg CO2 and 58.5g black carbon/liter) and dangerous to health/safety. BATTERIES discarded poisoning the environment, leading to groundwater and crop contamination. Pay-As-You-Go SOLAR SYSTEMS are deployed in lease-to-own models and requiring the connection of own-brand appliances. NONE of these systems support the overall long-term goal to give access to public grid-connected power by setting up micro-grids in rural areas.

There is a great need for a more durable and environmentally friendly solution – which is also economically available – and this is where Peoples Portable Power comes in.

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