Get your Power Pack!

With the Peoples Portable Power Pack, you and your family get a serious power source that can supply power for your daily needs – including light, cell phone charging, and more. … it can even supply a TV with power.  And the package contains everything you need.

The Power Pack contains

  • Portable battery (300Wh Li-ion) incl:
    + 4 x USB output
    + 1 x 24V output
    + 2 x 12V output (4 using the included split cables)
  • 1 x Solar panel for charging*
  • 1 x USB rechargeable flashlight with built-in FM-radio
  • 3 x 5-meter wire with socket and switch (expandable)
  • 3 x LED bulbs (5W)
  • 2 x 12V split cables for connecting light and other equipment
  • Various adapters for USB charging electronic equipment (mobile phones etc.)

The battery is, with 300Wh, powerful enough to supply power for approx one week’s consumption for an average African family (light, charging phone etc.). And with the solar panel*, you have your own eco-friendly micro-power plant. And you can do some business by selling phone charging etc. to your neighbors.

* The Power Pack can also be purchased without the solar panel  – ask for prices, if you otherwise have access to power and don’t need the solar panel.

Prices and payment options

If you want this economical and cost-effective solution, there are several payment methods and there is certainly a solution that suits you and your family. Below you will find the various options for Kenya and Tanzania. Here you will also find contact info for the individual countries – just press the button for your country below.

  • USD / General
  • KES / Kenya
  • TZS / Tanzania

Introductory prices

  • Cash
  • 2 Month
  • 1 Year
  • 2 Year
  • 3 Year
Buy your Power Pack cash
Deposit None
Daily payment None
Days None
Total $ 0
Warranty 3 years*
*Battery and solar panel. Other products 1 year warranty.


More to come …

In time, the Powerpack will also be available to other African countries and we will also offer various electronic products (eg TV, extra solar panels, fans, hair-cutter, and other electrical products for your home) which can also be purchased on favorable terms.