Peoples Portable Power®

Peoples Portable Power BatteriThe company has developed an innovative Internet-Of-Things energy solution for families living without public power supply.

The company’s development has so far been funded by the founder’s private funds and public investment funds – eg. the Danish “Innovationsfonden” – InnoBooster scheme. We have also attracted our first private investor. By 2020 we need to scale up and we are looking for both private investors and public investment funds.

The Challenge

The rural population in Africa spend 3 USD every week on kerosene for oil lamps and mobile charging. This puts a strain on the families economy, education, health, and surrounding environment and it maintains the population in poverty. 1 billion people worldwide are living without access to electricity.

The map shows the concentration of people that live without electricity. In 2040 500 million people will still be without access to public electricity supply

The Solution

Our solution is a portable, rechargeable, online-enabled battery pack, capable of storing power from village Solar PV installations for one family ‘s weekly consumption. Payment for the solution is based on a leasing model (Pay-As-You-Go) where the family through local mobile pay solutions pay 2 USD a week. In case of not paying or if the battery is stolen, it shuts down and can not be used.

Validated Business Model

We have finalized our tests and validation in Kenya and are partnering up with companies, who already have 200 Solar PV installations set up in rural villages. Together we are now ready to start distribution and sales of our proven battery solution.


For more information please contact our Chairman Preben Birr-Pedersen on telephone +45 3144 2915 or by email