I wake up early in the morning in Sego. Before our Country Manager, Deborah arrives, I have some time to reply to mails and write in my travel diary. After Deborah arrives, we visit the family we did not have time to reach yesterday before heading out to the villages to do demonstrations.

After the visit, we have three demonstrations in different villages during the day. Things are going well, and we get new customers.

On the way home we pass by the first customer we met yesterday. Her grandchildren are doing homework even though it is dark outside, because they have lights now.


It starts to rain a lot, and several children and their mothers are running into the cottage where we are. As the rain is over, we visit the teacher who would like to buy our solution and show her how it works.

We are back in Sego at. 09.00 PM and at dinner, where I have invited my good friend, Wilfred, we talk about why it is difficult for Kenya to create more jobs within industry and development. There are no easy solutions, but the government and corruption get a lot of the blame.

It turned out to be a long but very good day and I fall asleep as soon as I am back in my room after watching Kenya win gold and silver medals in the World Cup of women’s 5000 meters 🙂