I picked up my colleague, Rikke, in the morning in Nairobi before we had to check in and fly to Eldoret, Kenya, where our Kenyan colleague, Deborah, picked us up and drove the last 100 km. out to the village of Sego, where all three of us should stay the next 5 days.

I think Rikke was a little surprised at the impressions she got on the drive. Cows, goats and sheep on the roads, traffic that is completely different from Denmark, street sellers everywhere, the climate and the vegetation.

Muskut School

The next few days in Sego, we visited Muskut school and the principal, Wilfred, whom I know well through my visits over the last three years. We also went to markets to do demonstrations. There are always many interested people passing by our demonstrations, and we showed the locals how they can use the battery to create their own business by, for example, connecting a hair cutter, charging phones or having lights in their kiosks during night.

We also visited our customers in the neighboring villages, and they were happy to see us again, and to know that we are always easy to get in touch with if they need our help.

The schedule for our visit to Sego was busy and the days flew by. The next stop on the trip is Nairobi.