Today, I have planned a trip to the village, Komolo, with some of our project partners. Our driver, Arnold, is driving us to the village and it is exciting to see if it is possible to get there due to all the rain the last couple of days.

Fortunately, the trip is fine, and we arrive after 1.5 hours, which is an hour shorter than usual, but the road has been improved several places, which makes the driving easier and faster.

Later in the day, we have a meeting and agree on the sales model we need to implement. Afterwards, we have lunch and it is the cheapest to date: $0.8 per person!

There is a funeral in the village today, so it ends up being a short visit and instead we agree to return to the village another day to do demonstrations, because there are a lot of families who are interested in hearing more about PP Power.

Yet another good day in Tanzania!