We woke up early Tuesday morning at the hotel in Nairobi and packed our things before heading into town and taking The Riverside Bus to Arusha in Tanzania. We were the first to get into the bus and were lucky that only three other passengers came on board the bus. This meant that we had plenty of room throughout the long 6-hour journey.

When we arrived at Arusha we were picked up by our Tanzanian driver, Arnold, who drove us to our hotel in the middle of Arusha town.

After a good night’s sleep, we met with our colleagues, Ian and Joseph, from PP Power Tanzania. It was the first time Rikke and Kenneth met their Tanzanian colleagues. We drove to our warehouse and office, where the newly-produced 1000 batteries had just arrived. Afterwards, we held meetings for most of the day with our partner, Kakute.

In the evening we went out to eat at a local street kitchen, where Steen has eaten several times. We went back to the hotel in pouring rain, which is very atypical Tanzania at this time of year, and went to bed after another long, good day.