After some intense months with the subcontractors Liab ApS and CX Power ApS we’re now done with the first development stage which is partly financed by the Innovation Fonds Innobooster program.

I will now be headed for Kenya along with Jeremiah from CX Power to test our prototype series. We are going to a small village west of Eldoret and we’ve made an agreement with a local school to put up a PV system on their roof to allow nearby families to come by and charge their batteries. This will give them the opportunity to have light and radio in the huts and to avoid taking the 10-15 kilometer walk to get their phones charged.

It’s going to be really exciting and I’m looking very much forward to observe and talk to the families about their use of our solution. This will without a doubt give us some great inputs for the further development work which will be started in august when we return home.

My son Søren made a short video of the assembly of the system at the Green Tech Center near Vejle shortly before it was put on a plane to Nairobi.


With this short presentation of the past years work I wish you all a great summer.

I hope to be able to upload some pictures and maybe some video while we’re in Kenya.