During the winter 2017/18 we have finished designing our solution – and now we can finally present it. We have chosen a Chinese supplier (MAXOAK) of the LiOn battery and have combined this with our own developed “Internet-Of-Things” module, so we can monitor and control the battery via the Internet. This allows us to open up the use of the battery in conjunction with payments from the user through local mobile-pay solutions – in Kenya M-Pesa. We also continuously collect a large amount of data from the use of the battery, which we compare with other data such as weather data and social data. This enables us to gain valuable information about our users – information we use to improve and develop our solution.

I am going to Kenya and Tanzania this February to present the final solution for potential partners, who can help us with our upcoming user tests this summer of 2018.

A small video has been made about the use of the battery, to be presented at a technical school in Eldoret, Kenya. Here we will get input for sales, service and distribution, as well as we expect to be able to make the first arrangements for distributing the solution, to our upcoming test and demonstration sites this summer.

You can watch the video here