Together with Annie and Søren (my wife and son) I am back in Kenya. Here we with our partner Deborah from CX Power Kenya Ltd. are on promotion in some of the villages in Kerio Valley. Among others, we show that the Peoples Potable Power Pack is able to power up a TV. A big desire for the local population. Also if you live in a rural area, it is important to stay informed about what is happening in your country.

I can (unfortunately) note that I, as a man, fall short during our visit. It is primarily the women we meet on our visits to the villages and Annie and Deborah are much better at getting contact than yours truly … so much for my self-understanding 😉

The trip proves that the desire to get an effective solution to a very current problem is great. Deborah makes more sales on our trip in the Kerio Valley – and this makes us sure that we are on the right path. It looks really good in relation to the final rollout of the project.