My first week at the “Enpact #StartUpMentoring workshop” is almost over, and I have listened to some very interesting presentations and held great meetings with Solarkiosk, WWF Kenya and A2I.

Meeting with Solarkiosk

I practiced my pitch and discussed my current challenges and got valuable feedback from Katzi og Hermann fra Dream Academia.

I have experienced a Maasai evening, where locals were dressed in traditional red Maasai clothing and we were invited to dance with them. Afterwards we enjoyed traditional Maasai and Kenyan food. A very interesting evening.

Thursday afternoon we went on a trip to see the outside area of the Maasai Lodge where we are staying. On our way to see a glass workshop we had to cross a long suspension bridge. Quite nerve wrecking!

Suspencion bridge

An armed guard, who followed our group back and forth, informed us that there were wild animals in the area. Maybe I should have known that when I had a morning run among wildboas and antelopes – I didn´t know whether there might also be lions.

Maasai Lodge area