Day 5 started with our Kick-Off meeting at KAKUTE, our project partner. The meeting lasted all day, where we prepared a detailed time and action plan for the NCF project. It was a good meeting with lots of ideas on how to market our solution.

In the afternoon I went to the local mall, where I also had the opportunity to call my wife, Annie.

The next day, Thursday, became slightly more challenging than expected…

I started the day by meeting our Country Manager Ian, our sales agent Linus and our driver Arnold. We had to update five batteries. Despite some small problems, we succeeded with the updates.

Afterwards, Ian and I had to go to the bank and have our bank account opened, but due to lack of information, the account could not be released. It’s very frustrating – we’ve been waiting for 4 months now – but I’m told how to fix it. So, that has to be done. Unfortunately, that meant that I had to cancel another meeting that depended on the release of the bank account…

Instead, I spend the rest of the day going for a walk and getting some exercise just to clear my mind 🙂