On Friday, August 16th, I left home early in the morning to reach my flight from Billund to Paris. In Paris I had to wait 10 hours to get on the plane for Nairobi, Kenya. I decided to visit Paris and went for some walks and saw a bit of the area around Notre Dame.

The next day, Saturday, I arrived in Nairobi, where I was going to Eldoret and meet up with our Country Manager, Deborah. We had to buy a haircutter for the demonstrations in the small villages. But unfortunately, it was impossible to find, even though we asked a lot of people and visited different stores.

Later in the day we drove to Sego, where Deborah and our sales agent, Brian, introduced me to our new PP Power shop. Our little shop is well located with lots of people passing by.

Sunday morning, I spent preparing the batteries and testing a few new things. Deborah and Brian came to visit me and helped me with the preparation. Afterwards we went to a couple of villages to demonstrate the PP Power solution. I clearly notice that there is a great interest in the product and we are ready to start the sales process.