Heidi Pedersen, Praktikant

-Short intro to my education and why I chose this intership.

I study multimediadesign at IBA in Kolding. It is a versatile education where you learn about digital communication, web development, design and planning of multimedia tasks and much more.

You study for two years to become a multimediadesigner and during those two years, you have a 12 week intership period during your last semester. As a student, you have to find your own internship, which means that you have every opportunity to find a company that matches you preferences within geography, assignments and work field. I had some criteria that I wanted fulfilled when I searched for an intership. I wanted it to be located relatively close to my home because I wish to spend more time at work than on transportation. But it was particularly my desire to exercise my already achieved competences, as much as possible within those 12 weeks, that was at the top of my list.

Through my network on Linkedin, i got in contact with Steen. Together we made an intership agreement with meaningful work related assignments that could bring both his company and I, value. That´s how I got started at Peoples Portable Power, which is located in Resilience House in Vejle.

-What type of assignments do I have, as an intern, at Peoples Portable Power.

My assignments as an intern is many and they vary. It could be graphic material and presentations, social media strategy and video production. What they all have in common, is that I can combine theory from my study with practice from work and that is priceless!

What am I working on right now.

I am preparing data for a market analysis, which is going to be the fundament of a new event, that hopefully will help Peoples Portable Power to reach new heights. It is going to be very exciting and I look forward to it.

How it is to work with Steen.    

He is that type of person who greets you in the morning, with a big smile and his arms above his head. He is that kind of person who listens to your ideas, reflects on them and gives you constructive feedback instead of turning them down almost instantly. Everything is full speed ahead, because that’s how it is with a passionate entrepreneur, so you just have to hang tight and drink more coffee 🙂 

Read more about Peoples Portable Power here and my education here

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