I arrived in Nairobi, Kenya, at 11:30 PM, where I stayed at an airport hotel. I had to get up again at 5:00 AM the next morning to take the Jambojet to Eldoret, where our Kenyan Country Manager, Deborah, would pick me up.

We drove to Eldoret to find a table, a deep-cycle battery for the Muskut school’s solar cell system and a PA system to play music powered by our battery solution. We quickly got that in place and headed towards the Kerio Valley and our little shop to pick up our sales agent, Brian. The shop is now done, and Brian has sold his first battery from here! The shop is well located with a lot of people passing by from the surrounding villages.

PP Power shop

After visiting the shop we drove to the city Sego, where I stayed during my visit in Kenya.

In Sego, we checked on the batteries we have left in Kenya and implemented the latest software. We finished late in the afternoon and separated. Later in the day, all the power went off and it got completely dark…

In the days to follow, I will be visiting our customers around the small villages. I look forward to visiting and getting to know what the customers think about the battery and how it benefits them in their everyday lives.