I arrived in Arusha, Tanzania, with the Riverside bus from Nairobi, Kenya. In Arusha our driver, Arnold, had for once not arrived to greet me at the bus station as I had not been able to make my Tanzanian sim card work. However, I got a hold of him and he came a little after – by bike! He arranged that I could take a small bus to the hotel instead.

Kick-off meeting

The next few days in Arusha were spent on meetings with our business partners, Kakute and PG Consultant, where we made plans for the next months. I also got a Kakute employee trained in software uploading on our batteries, and I introduced our IT system to all of them.

One of the days we had planned to go out to a small village and do a battery demonstration. It had been raining a lot during the night, and as we drove towards the village, the road was washed away.

However, we made it and a lot of people came to hear about our solution.


After the first week in Arusha, I returned to Nairobi to meet my colleague, Rikke, and travel together to the Eldoret area in ​​Kenya.