During our stay Kenya, where I had Annie and Søren (my wife and son) with me on the visits to the villages, we realized that the market for companies in the local areas is larger than first assumed. For example, the tourist agencies also use kerosene and diesel on their trips and safaris on the savannah. They do so in the absence of a better solution. And they can immediately see that Peoples Portable Power is a better solution for them. The established companies also need a simple, efficient and environmentally friendly power source – and best of all, this type of company will pay in cash.

The above picture clearly shows that Peoples Portable Power can make a significant difference to more commercial use as well. We also have expressions from hotels and other businesses that can see an opportunity to use our solution as a power backup in case of a power failure – for power failures are closer to the rule than the exception in eg. Kenya – also in the big cities.

Among other things, being able to maintain the company’s internet connection is important in the daily work of all types of companies – but also as emergency lighting and the like, the benefits are obvious. With Peoples Portable Power, the wheels can be kept running until the power returns – and thereby avoid the daily interruptions in these company’s work.

The outline of a more commercial sale is emerging – and such a sale will clearly ease the economy concerning the production of batteries for the people living in the sparsely populated areas … the families who are our primary objective in the project.