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The Peoples Portable Power solution has multiple uses and connections.

The battery is an innovative battery...

Covid-19: New market opportunities for ‘Peoples Portable Power’

For many people, 2020 has been a different year, and the same goes for us at Peoples Portable Power. Normally we travel...

PP Power wins pitch competition

Today, Peoples Portable Power has participated in a pitch competition for 7 start-ups hosted by Green Tech Center and we...

500.000.000 people are living without grid connection in 2040

Affordable scalable green power to people everywhere!

Lease your Power Pack!

The Peoples Portable Power Pack is delivered through a local dealer network in several African countries. If  you and your family want this economical and cost-effective solution, there are several good packages to choose from.

The solution can be leased on good terms. You can choose the package that suits your family needs – and even make a small business in your home village.

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The Challenge

No Power - no development!

According to the “World Bank’s Sustainable Energy for All”...

Education, health-care and small businesses need electricity, but in rural Africa, it is difficult and expensive to roll out a public grid. Therefore, many people only have light from un-healthy oil lamps and poor electricity from bad quality solar lanterns or disposable batteries. When discarded this is poisoning the environment, leading to groundwater and crop contamination. According to the World Bank’s “Sustainable Energy for All” database, 67% of East-African countries have no or poor access to electricity …

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An average rural family in Africa use and dispose every year:

  • 500 kg CO2 greenhouse gas.
  • 15 kg black carbon particles.
  • 200 liters kerosene.
  • 20 kg disposable batteries.

At the cost of 10-15 USD every month, this is causing health problems, fire issues, and groundwater contamination, aswell as global warming.

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The company’s development has been funded by the founder’s private funds
and public investment funds – eg. the Danish InnoBooster.
We have also attracted the first private investors.

We need to scale up and we are looking for both private investors and public investment funds.

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The Team

The company, Peoples Portable Power®, is founded by Steen Kramer Jensen. The team gathered...