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  • Phase II funding of our development - InnoBooster has partly financed PP Power’s first phase from idea to development and our first test of our portable battery solution to families who currently live without access to electricity and instead use polluting and harmful kerosene to get light in the evenings e.g. for children’s homework. After a successful validation of payment willingness and […]
  • The Danish Prime Minister came by - In connection with the opening of the Resilience House at the Green Tech Center at Vejle, the Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen came by to cut the string. He also had time to talk with the various Start-Up companies that have offices at the Green Tech Center, including Peoples Portable Power. The Danish Prime […]


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PP Power Aps – Peoples Portable Power – is a danish start-up which in 2016 developed a proto type on a innovative energy solution for families living without public electrical supply in for example Africa.

In this way smaller communities in rural areas get the opportunity of growth and education and a healthier and more sustainable way of life.

One of the biggest challenges for growth and development in Africa is the share of the population living without access to electricity.

Therefore, locally in these countries there are great focus on new business models which offers electricity to the rural population to support education, health and growth and to prevent migration and radicalisation.

The rural population in Africa today uses a relatively high amount of money on petroleum and oil lamps and they pay a lot of money and spend a lot of time on charging their mobile phones in the nearest towns. This puts a strain on the families economic, health and surrunding invironmental and it maintains the population in poverty.

PP Power ApS has been granted funding from the InnoBooster program under the Danish Innovation Fond for further development of the prototype and has successfully completed a field-test in the summer of 2017 in Kenya to validate our first assumptions

Solutions for families living without electricity

Since 2012 several start-up companies have had success in offering these populations smaller PV systems. The vast majority of these systems are simple solar lamps in Denmark known from garden decorations.

Other systems are larger and able to support one or two electrical lamps, a radio and charge mobile phones. The solar cell is in this case typically placed on the roof of the family’s hut from where it supplies a small lead-acid battery.

These larger systems are impossible for the population to afford all at once and therefore several different leasing models and installment agreements have been developed, which enables ongoing payments for the equipment (Pay-As-You-Go).



PP Powers solution is innovative and scalable and it allows the family to continuously apply more equipment as the need occurs.

Payment for PP Powers solution is based on a leasing model where the family through local “mobile pay” solutions continuously pay for the use of the equipment. The price is set in relation to the competitors and the alternate costs for purchases of petroleum and charging of phones.

The families are not bound to a specific installment agreement, but will be able to include the solution in the household economy along with the family’s additional costs.